Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 4 Question 24

Predict: I predict that this question will be about addition and money.

Read: How much is one book according to the diagram?

Book x2 + Paint pallet = $ 45

Book x4 + Paint pallet = $85

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Mathematician’s toolbox: The strategy I used from the mathematician’s toolbox was to test all possibilities.

Big question: The big question is how much does one book cost.

Solve: Firstly, I started at the first diagram. Two books plus one paint pallet is $45. I tried making them $15 each, but then 5 groups of 15 was more than 85. Then I tried making the books $20 and the paint pallet $5. This worked for $45, and it also worked on $85. So the answer was $20.

Summary: This problem was quite easy to solve, but I’m still surprised that a paint pallet was $5. It must have been bad quality.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 3 Question 22

Predict: I predict that this question will be about multiplication.

Read: Fill in the missing number. 8 x [?] = 56

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Mathematician’s Toolbox: The strategy I used was prior knowledge.

Big question: The big question is what times 8 is 56.

Solve: Firstly, I though, and because I have some trouble with the times tables near 50. I had some thinking time at the start. Then I realised that I had know it before, I just had to clarify. 8 x 7 = 56, so that is the answer.

Summary: This problem wad easy to solve if you had memorised your times tables.


Some kids have been going to a program where they learn the basics of making a computer game. They learn how to make a plot, characters and story. Then they take this knowledge and put it together to make a simple and easy to make a platform game. This is a 2D game where the character has to reach a goal.

I understand that lots of work is put into making a good video game that we just take for granted. One thing I don’t understand is why they say that making the game is a fun as playing it. I don’t think that’s true.

One question I still have is it it as easy as it looked to make the games in the video?

100WC #7

I couldn’t believe the smell of the sewers as I walked down them to safety. I was being chased by Pirates, not your normal treasure loving pirates, these were candy pirates. It was Halloween night and I had en-counted yr 8’s dressed as pirates that were stealing everyone’s candy. I had refused to hand over my candy so I ran into the sewers.I was heading my little base under my house where I could climb the ladder up into my backyard. I could see the ladder I was almost there. I suddenly heard a sound behind me.. “Now where are you going with our candy?” declared the Pirates.

Literacy Circles Reflection

Name of Book: What do you think Feezal?

Author: Elizabeth Honey

Year Published: 1997

Group Members:

Angus B – Connector -Warrick

Lilli B-Passage Master-Interviewer

Sam-Discussion Director-Mr Fogglight

Daphne-No Role-Emma Feezal

Mia-Tally Master- Bean

Julian-Captain of Comprehension- Waxmon

Yasmin-Word Watcher-Dido

What worked well:  I think our roles work well and everyone did their roles well and cooperatively.

Considerations for the future:  I think in future we should keep everything the same with the roles and I really enjoyed the book.


Plus:  Podcasting is good because its really easy to give everyone a chance to speak.

Minus: My group accidentally deleted our podcast so we had to redo it which was a big minus.

Interesting: There are lots of cool things to do to your podcast. Like podcast.



Extreme Weather Reflection

Research Methods: The research methods that we used were using our Prior knowledge and using the internet to find useful websites.

Note Taking: During the course of this project I didn’t take many notes but all the answers for the questions I wrote down in One Note.

How you worked with your partner: I think Mia and I worked well together and we spread the work load evenly.

Form of presentation: Originally we were going to do a blog but it turned out that we did it incorrectly. So we decided to do a Power Point.

Honest account of the actual amount of work you completed: We completed all the questions, Power Point and I completed my Que Cards.

Anything that you would change: I would probably change the fact that we did a blog because in the end it was a huge waste of time. I wouldn’t change anything else though.



BTN: Flag day

The Australian National flag was raised on the 3rd of September 1901. The Australian flag was designed when Australia came a nation. There was a competition to design one, and the one we fly now is the one that won. The Australian flags represents British settlement, the Southern Cross and the states and territories of Australia. This is probably why it won.

I understand that if Scotland were to change its flag, then Australia would too, because Scotland is part of the Union Jack. I understand why people want to change the flag so that it represents the original owners of the land. It is because they are a big part of Australian history.

One question I still have is why Scotland wants to become and independent country.

100WC #4

I woke up in my soft bed in my family’s penthouse apartment. Most people we had the worst taste in color with orange floors and walls and bed sheets and everything. I even had an orange Xbox. I forgot what the world looks like  because we have a school in our penthouse so I cant leave. I don’t have any friends unless you count my pet baby crocodile. Life is so plain to me I only see orange everywhere our pepper shaker is orange, my cereal and my steak is  orange.  sometimes I get a knife and chip away a bit of the orange on the windows so I can get to see the outside world.

100WC #3

I’m in Avignon, France I’m here looking for my long lost cousin Jeremy. He ran away from home six years ago and since then I have been looking for him.  So far I have searched through the country’s and continents of Africa, Spain and Russia. Me and my guide have been scouted this area of France for over a week now and we haven’t found him. My guide is shouting at me “I see him, his making a run for it.” We sprint off as fast as we can until we chase him onto a bridge but this isn’t any old bridge  it s only half a bridge. Once he hits the end he can only give up. He screams at the top of his lungs curse this half bridge.

100 WC #2

As I walk down the crowded street wearing my plain old grey pants and T-Shirt I saw a little dog walking past. It looked so cute in I just had to have it. So I walked up to it and said ” Here little dogie, come here.” It slowly walked up to me and it followed me home. When I got back to my house I showed my mum and she told me for the 100th time ” We cant have a dog!”  But I wanted this dog more than anything  so I stated “NO! I want this dog.” But my mother wouldn’t give in so she said give me one good reason why….” I said “because it is yellow.”