The Indian adventures of Angus and Bonnie #1

It was a warm morning in  Eagle Gorge as Angus woke up in his small home in the mountain side. It had been 10 years since he had gone to the Under World. Angus stood up and walked outside, Bonnie was lying out there with a butterfly on her nose. As Angus stepped out from the door, Bonnie jumped up and walked  over to him. Lying next to the door was a rock with the words “The Daily Rock” on it had a headline reading ” a giant tiger has been spotted near The village if any persons see or make contact with the wild beast please contact the hunters asap.” Angus thought it was weird that a Giant Tiger was in Eagle Gorge because there usually found in the Indian part of the world. The world is divided into lots of separate parts there is The Western,The  Indian, The Aussie and the Scottish. Angus has always wanted to go around the globe because he had only been in the Western part of the world. He decided to go to the Indian world. It took several months to venture to the Indian world. When they arrived they bought horses and rode to the kings castle, Castle Da fluffy, it was a huge glass and emerald stone castle with four huge towers reaching for the sky. But what lay inside was completely a mystery for Angus. They walked though the doors during a crowning of a new King it was then when Angus walked up to the future king and got crowned himself. Bonnie barked Angus laughed and the ceremony started. Angus found out that night that the Giant Tigers had been coming from the Aussie part of the world and in that part a man called Mr.Pig was developing a thing called electricity and had weapons of iron that could kill you in one shot. This was the start of a great war which if Angus had said he would be part of He would still be alive.


Epilogue:5 years from the present day in the story. A man is wandering across the Scorched lands of the Aussie lands after a battle. He falls to the ground and the last thing to come to his mind was, why didn’t I stay in Eagle Gorge?


The Worst Game

Do you ever get over excited? I do as I over confidently race of to play my hockey game! I am extremely sure that my team will win!

As i arrive at the hockey pitch with minutes to spare before the game, I grab my stick and race off onto the pitch, we do some laps of the pitch and some fast passing when the whistle blows for the game to begin.

5 minutes into the game and where losing 2-0. My coach has placed me left inner which is my WORST place I can play. 10 minutes have gone and where losing 10-0. Suddenly someone slaps the ball up near the goals and I sprint as fast as I can until, SNAP!

I’m lying on the ground with a twisted ankle, I hobble onto the sideline, and curse the creatures of hockey for making it play on when someone gets hurt! I also curse the person that invented the twisted ankleI watch from the sideline as the whistle goes for half time where losing by 21 points! the Score is 21-0!

The game restarts, Suddenly a player from the other teams hits someone from our team over the head with there stick. 20 minutes later where losing 31-o! It 1 minute to go someone from our team gets the ball the run up into the Dee the goal keeper runs at them and slide tackles!

The whistle goes we lost 31-0. after the game our coach gives up a speech “Blah Blah, Run hard, Blah Blah” It wasn’t listening a fly was trying and failing to land on his head!

Do you ever get over excited? I did and now I hobble home after the worst hockey game EVER!


The Little Princess

There once was a little Princess who never laughed. One day the King died and the castle hired a grave digger. The Grave digger had a pet dog called Spot, one day when The Grave Digger was digging the King’s grave, spot fell into the grave ,and the little princess was watching ,and giggled. The Queen looked at her, then at the dog, then back towards the Princess. The Little Princess burst out laughing, and fell on the floor banging her hands on the ground, like a baby crying but laughing. The Queen was so shocked she fainted.  The grave digger looked up and said “what’s so funny?” The Little Princess managed to say “your dog fell into that grave, hahahaha, look at it, hahahaha.” The Princess finally calmed down, she called for help, and some palace guards took the Queen to the infirmary. A week later the grave digger was sent to the Queens private quarters.

He was told that he could stay in the castle, and have the best room, to keep the princess entertained, he wanted to say no but he knew he loved the princess, but he need to go home and look after his farm. He finally came to a decision. He would stay in the castle and have castle servants look after his farm. He stayed in the castle and lived happily ever after with the Princess.

The Western Adventures of Angus and Bonnie #2

The Journey of the Oakshire

Chapter 1


It was a dark and stormy night in the vast plains of Eagle Gorge and Bonnie, Angus and Tim were out in the only forest in this barren land. This forest was called Green Pass. They were out finding kindling and fire wood, so that they would not catch hypothermia and die a freezing death, out in this sad place. “Tim!” Angus called. “Angus I think that that I’ve got enough fire wood” Tim called. “Ok, let’s head back to our cave now everyone, I think that we have enough fire wood to last us the night”. Once they had climbed the mountain that led to their cave, they put the wood down and tried to start a fire. “Oh no! Angus, we have nothing to light the fire with!” Tim yelled to him from the other side of the cave where Angus was looking at the map that they had stolen from the Indian warriors that had previously imprisoned them the day before. Then they all heard a “Whoosh!” And there was fire! They looked around and saw… Bonnie! “Woof!” Bonnie cried in joy. “Wow! Bonnie is a rare fire type pet!” Angus and Tim smiled. They knew that everything was going to be ok, as long as they had Bonnie. “It’s getting pretty late guys, I think we better go to sleep now” said Angus. “Ok, we’ll get moving at daybreak, we need to get away from Eagle Gorge as fast as we can” replied Tim, and with that, they all fell asleep, dreaming of what tomorrow might have in store for them.

Chapter 2


When Angus awoke, he saw Bonnie, right on top of him, sleeping. “Good girl Bonnie!” said Angus, but Bonnie paid no attention, because she was sleeping. Angus smiled at Bonnie. Bonnie was the best pet that anyone could have. Angus went over to Tim and woke him up. “Really? Is it time to get up now?” said Tim. “No Tim, the sun is shining and it’s daybreak but it’s not time to get up” Angus replied sarcastically. “Of course it’s time to get up!” So Tim dragged himself out of bed and got the supplies ready while Bonnie made breakfast. Tim did not want to get the supplies ready because he still had the scar from when he had fallen down Eagle Gorge. “Wow Bonnie this is the best breakfast that we have had in ages!” said Angus and Tim. And it was! No chef could compare to Bonnie! They decided that it was time to go, so they got onto their horses called Luna and Star and brought the pack ponies that they had stolen, and set off again. It was a rough trip down the mountain, and they had to dismount their horses sometimes but in the end they got onto the track and started riding again, unaware of what was about to happen to them.

Chapter 3


“Clip clop clip clop clip clop” The steady rhythm of the horses hooves echoed around Eagle Gorge as they trotted along, hoping to find a way out of this vast and gloomy place and to return home. Angus, Tim and Bonnie were all tense, hoping not to be seen and caught by the native Indians that had cruelly imprisoned them before. Then they heard a distant chanting sound. “Hoit hoit hoit hoit hoit hoit hoit!” It sounded cruel and evil and it sent a shiver down Angus’s spine. Bonnie began to whimper. “It’ll be alright girl, it’ll be alright” said Angus, trying to calm Bonnie down. Then they saw a patrol of Indians. Their faces looked mean and uncaring as the continued the chant. In the middle of the group, there was a captive prisoner. He looked tired, and there was hardly and food on his bones. The Indians showed no pity or mercy for this unfortunate person. Angus and Tim thought that that was not right. They had been prisoners before, and they knew how sad and depressing it was. They had to save him. Angus and Tim got out there pistols from their scabbards and Bonnie got ready to breathe fire. “Charge!” Shouted Angus. “It’s the bandits!” Yelled the Indians “Get them!” The fight was on! “Bang bang!” the sound of gunfire and swords clashing sounded all around the Gorge. In all the distraction, Angus, Tim and Bonnie ran through the crowd, grabbed the prisoner and galloped away, shooting at the Indians as they went. The Indians looked angry. They will avenge.

Chapter 4

A new friend

They galloped for a long time before they dared to stop, in case the Indians were still chasing them. It had been ten minutes that they had been riding for, and they felt safe to dismount. “Good Boys Luna and Star” said Angus, while giving them and apple each. Then they hauled the prisoner off Star and talked to him. “Are you ok?” Tim asked. “Yeah, I think so, just a few cuts” He replied. “What’s your name?” said Angus. “Adam” He croaked. “Adam, do you have any weapons?” said Tim. “I do have one thing, it’s a bow” He got the bow out from his pack. They noticed that Adam was wearing a grey and silver cloak with bronze highlights. Then out from his cloak jumped a cat! “Sparky!” Adam cried in joy. “Woof!” said Bonnie, happy to have a new friend to play with. It was only then that Adam realised that this dog was called Bonnie. “If this dog is called Bonnie, then you must be the brave and adventurous bandit called… Angus!” A memory formed in Angus’s mind. When he was a normal kid at school he had a friend called… Adam. “Adam!” Angus realised that he was his best friend from school! “Angus!” said Adam. The two old friends happily celebrated, they could leave their worries until the morning.

Chapter 5

The Arch of Eons

In the morning Angus introduced Adam to Tim, and they too became friends. They had discovered that Bonnie and Sparky were both rare fire type pets, and that pleased everyone. They set off again, once they had walked for twenty minutes to retrieve Adam’s black stallion called Blaze. They began to canter at a steady pace towards the Arch of Eons, where the exit to the Eagle Gorge stood. This was the door to freedom, the place that would let them roam where ever they liked. To them, it would be heaven. It was evening when they reached the Arch, and it looked amazing. It glowed in the sunlight, as if it was showing them the path to freedom. “Well, this is it” said Angus. “After one whole year as a bandit, this will all be over. Are you all ready? This is the time that I’ve been waiting for my whole year as a bandit, and its heaven. So let’s go through that arch!” said Angus. And they held their breath and stepped through the arch. The door way to hope and freedom.

Chapter 6

New lands

When they stepped through that arch, it seemed as if all of the colour had returned to the world. Green trees and sparkling blue lakes were placed all around them, and Bonnie and Sparky immediately began to play. Tim beamed and said “Well Angus, it looks like your dream came true!” And they all laughed. They did not notice a pair of eyes watching them. Then the creature emerged from the darkness. It was a troll. “Watch out Adam!” Angus yelled and he went over to Adam’s pack and retrieved a strange shaped object. Adam turned around as the troll’s mighty double bladed axe came down and… “Thud!” An arrow plunged into the troll’s scaly skin right where his heart would be. The troll stoped in mid swing, looked dazed and fell over with a mighty “Crash!” “Thanks Angus, you saved my life!” Adam exclaimed, breathing heavily. “Anything for a friend!” said Angus. This land might not have been as safe and as heaven like as they thought it might be, but they were not going back into the west, so they decided to pack up and keep on trekking, in hope of finding a place to shelter for the night, in case they met another blood hungry troll.

Chapter 7

A small companion

Later that night, Bonnie and Sparky discovered a sheltered and hidden place behind a large clump of bushes. “Thank Bonnie and Sparky!” said Angus, Tim and Adam. They set up camp there for the night, and the pets lit the fire. It blazed a shade of amber and ruby, and Bonnie and Sparky thought that it was the most beautiful fire that they had ever seen. Just then they heard a faint “Squeak!” Coming from behind the rock and it was a… Guinea pig! “Meow!” said Sparky.  “He said that she said that her name is Swirls!” “Well Tim, I think that Swirls wants to be your pet!” Exclaimed Angus as Swirls eagerly jumped onto Tim’s lap!” “Well Swirls, what can you do?” asked Tim curiously. With that Swirls picked up a stick and preformed extreme ninja skills! “I would love to have you as my pet” said Tim, overjoyed at the fact that Swirls was a ninja. They laughed and talked all night and eventually fell asleep. At dawn, they heard a sound of horses getting nearer. Swirls said that there were two of them. When the horses came round the corner, they saw that the figures riding them were messengers. They only said one thing “The king needs your help”

Chapter 8


“What king? There’s a king?” Angus exclaimed, obviously confused. “He’s called king Oakshire, and he needs your help. He has heard that there is a new group of people in the land and you are that group. He has heard of your greatness, and he has a special message for you. Follow me and I will lead you to his castle. The messengers mounted and took off in the lead. “Well, this is exiting” said Tim. So they mounted their horses and with hand in reigns, the set off to see the king. They arrived at the castle and looked at it closely. It was a brilliant sight, with all of the stone walls and turrets, the large wooden draw bridge and the blue and gold flags flying high and proud in the sky. They went to enter the castle but they were stopped by two guards who crossed their spears to block them. “The king wants to see them” said the messengers. The guards uncrossed their weapons and let them go through the mighty draw bridge, into the massive mighty castle of king Oakshire.

Chapter 9

The king

They walk into the courtyard to hear the sound of chatter and jolly music. It seemed like a very happy and joyful place, were everyone got a go. The guards led them to a wooden door, decorated with coloured pieces of shining glass. The door swung open, as if it had been opened by magic. They came to a marble spiral stair case, the walls of it decorated with painting of what seemed to be the previous kings and queens of the kingdom. The staircase seemed to go on forever, and when they reached the top, the guards left them. They knocked on the door and a stressed voice replied “Come in, please” They opened the door and saw a rather handsome, but pudgy man. “Hello your highness, what can we do for you?” Angus asked. “We are at war with the trolls, they are terrorizing and destroying our land, we need your help to defeat them” The king answered. “Your highness, we would be honoured to fight for your kingdom” said Adam. “Yes, we would” said Angus and Tim in agreement. “Woof Squeak Meow!” said Bonnie Swirls and Sparky. “I guess that’s a yes” said Angus. And then he said to the king “We will fight for your kingdom” “Excellent!” The king said, joyed. “We will provide you with food, supplies and shelter for the night! Rest my brave warriors, tomorrow we fight!” And with that, they stepped out of the room and went down stair to their new bedrooms.

Chapter 10

A quest

It was dawn in the kingdom, and Angus, Adam and Tim had eaten breakfast with the king and confirmed their mission, before preparing for the day. They went over to the stables to collect Luna, Star and Blaze. They put all of their supplies onto the pack ponies, put on their new chainmail armour, but Adam kept his cloak on top of the chainmail. They received new bows and swords, as their old ones had been mangled and broken in their previous encounters. They bid the king farewell, and set off to the troll kingdom, following the king’s map all the way. It was a rough and dangerous path, but in the end they had made it to the troll kingdom. They stood on the hill and looked down at the kingdom with all of the troll army inside. “Well” said Angus “this is just going to be another big adventure for all of us” “Woof!” said Bonnie and they set off to complete the quest.


The Western Adventures of Angus and Bonnie #1

 Eagle Gorge

Chapter 1

The cave

“Bang.” ‘Bang.” A cowboy shots his pistol at me as I run to my cave. Hi I am Angus I am a bandit, but I don’t want to be I do it for food and water. I live in a cave with my dog Bonnie who has lived with me my whole life. I am 12 years old and I live by my self. Then I feel my head aching and everything goes white.

Chapter 2


When I woke up I was in a cell with bonnie and a bandage around my head and my hands where cuffed behind my back.  I sigh an wish this was all a bad dream and so for that reason Bonnie bites me on the toe “ouch I scream.” And close my eyes and wish when I wake up I am in a cave with Bonnie. But no it’s not a bad dream, I am stuck in prison with Bonnie

Chapter 3


Then some guards come and say“ your hanging will begin in 15 minutes , your last words to your mutt hahahahahhahahaha” and stomp away. My face goes pail with fear can this really be my last 15 minutes of my life. So I grab a spoon and say to bonnie .“ Lets dig.”

Chapter 4

The Dig

We are digging for our lives when I feel a hand on my shoulder, the hand lift me of the ground I say to bonnie “NOW!” Bonnie jumps up off the ground bites the guards. Drops me and we run off. Once  we reach the cave we grab our stuff well Bonnie grabs here teddy and we ran off to find a new cave. Once we found cave and settled down in it I saw a shadow in the corner moving closer to me.




Chapter 5


I see that the figure is Tim Burnato , my old friend from school. I see he is shot in the leg so I take my bandage of and rapped it around his leg. And we lived in that cave for the rest of our days. But  one day the cowboys found our cave but we were ready this time we had some pistols and 2 mini slingshots with 458 rocks. Once they entered the cave They turned into shadows We screamed and ran out of the cave.

Chapter 6

Night terrors

We ran and ran and ran for ages , until we were shore they couldn’t  catch up . We sat down and ate some lunch, we need a place to live, we sat wondering for  some time when I said “how about eagle gorge? “He said “ok lets go to eagle gorge in the morning  and camp here for the night.” We make camp and set to bed I say I will take first watch, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open and set to sleep. I had nightmares about a gun fight at a weird river with me and Bonnie and Tim, I got shot and Bonnie was tied up and placed  in the river to was  drown. When I woke up it was early and we set of right away.

Chapter 7

The walk

We were walking for hours on end, it was a hot and muggy day we were about 1 hour from the lush and beautiful eagle gorge with only a water supply to last a day. We had to move fast. The sun was coming down when we saw eagle gorge it was beautiful with lush grass and towering trees that held animals in the and kept the ground from getting wet during the rain season. It had a giant water fall  and a giant canopy running down the center of it. Then Tim fainted, he had fallen down the gorge.


Chapter 8

Running & Screaming

I had no time to think I started looking for away down I saw a little path I went straight for it I ran the whole way down the I heard. “SNAP, CRACK,FOMP!” he had hit the ground I was to late I was dead. I  found him but then he sat up and said what happened the I saw a dart whoosh through the air and hit him on the back he fainted the I saw whiteness in the corners of my eyes. I fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 9

The natives

We awoke in a cage made of bones with some Indian guys  around us some where  talking about how lip stick is back in fashion and others where talking at us say that they thought they got the gorge and everyone else got the other land. We said we needed a home and we never new that people lived here. They said that we could live here but only if they don’t disturb the village and its people. We smiled and said “ YES OK YES SIR WE PROMISE AND HOPE YOU HAVE A GOT DAY SIR.” With that they opened the cage and we ran off to find a new home or cave.

Chapter 10

A new home

We found a cave to live in and found some wood to make some doors and wall at the entrance so know one could wonder in and found some plants that glow in the dark and never die or need water we made our home near a water hole so we could get water. We couldn’t believe what had happened in the last week. I had nearly died  so had Tim and we had gone where no one had gone before, The beautiful Eagle Gorge.


As we set of hunting for the first time I know we can survive. I hope have more adventures like this one and I wonder if anything else hides in the gorge. So much has happened in a week I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us.

Sea Death

I was swimming for my life, but the current was to strong I new it, My dads birthday and I have stolen a deep dive pod or D.D.P for short and I crashed It at the bottom of the ocean. I hear a something outside its Kimon my robot dolphin. I know if water gets over my belly button I die and If I go outside I drown. I choose drown, so I swing the hatch open and whoosh! Water comes racing in a swim for my life.

I see another pod my lungs are bursting and its my dad and brothers pod, they open the air lock and I scramble in side the pod. When I am inside the pod I see my whole family my dad says.

“You are grounded for 7 years!!!” He says

I say “NOOOOO please NOOOOO!!!!!” I scream

But that only makes it worse he says

“15 years!!!”

So I grab a hammer and smash the glass on the front scream that causes the pod to start sinking and water is getting in fast. My dad grabs me and ties me up with some rope and lets ,me drown. Will my family get some diving gear on my mum puts a diving mask on me so I will survive. Once we are on the surface my dad grabs a harpoon gun and stabs me in the back. I start sinking and seeing white in the corners of my eyes and then I feel me moving up and I am on the surface again Kimon helped me  up but I am dyeing from too much blood lose and 10 minutes later I die. I was 9 years old and my name was  Harrison Gillson I had a bad life with my mean dad.