100WC #14

I sat on the beach, watching things go by. The waves lapping the shore, the sound of splashing as people waded into the water. There was one thing, however, that had caught my eye. It looked strangely out of place on this hot summers’ day. Nobody else seemed to notice the massive rusted ship’s hulk surfaced on the beach, but they all seemed to avoid it. Up until now, I hadn’t seen it, either. I pulled myself off the sand and started to walk over, curious about what it was. And then, suddenly as I’d noticed it, it was gone…

How to finish New super Mario bros 2



New Super Mario Bros 2


1. Go to the shops and buy the game if you have not go it already

2. complete world one and unlock all its stars and paths.

3. do step two for world two, three, four and five.

4. complete world six and get up to beating Bowser.

5. If you cannot complete all the levels get the tanucki Mario and use that to beat all the bosses.

6. Beat Bowser and finish the game.

7. you should now unlock the bonus levels.

8.Play through those and complete them.

9. Collect every coin the game until you reach one million coins!

Conclusion: You should now have completed ‘New Super Mario Bros 2″

Semester 1 reflection semester 2 goals

Reflection: I feel like I have achieved most of my goals this semester. I have achieved this goals because I have practised my times tables and I have achieved my long term goal because I have done heaps of assemblies now and have grown more confident. I have also gotten much better at my homework organization. I still need to improve my handwriting.

Semester 2 Goals:

Short Term goal: This Semester I want to get better at my understanding of my science and what some of the vocabulary means. I also want to get better at my neatness of my maths work.

Long Term Goals: I want to keep the same goal as last semester which is to improve my handwriting.

Steel Wool Rusting Prac Report

Aim: To observe if steel wool rusts.


500 ml beakers  x18

Cooking Oil

Tap water


Salt water

Tweezers  x4


1. Put Vinegar into a beaker with water.  x8

2. Put Steel wool into each beaker leave for 1 minute.

3. Take Steel Wool out of Beakers and put into other beakers filled with Oil, Air, Water and Salt water and leave till the next day.


Air: Rusted and fallen apart same shape but a tiny bit more brown.

Salt Water: It was a little rusty but was more brown and had kept its shape.

Water: It was really rusted the smell had grown stronger and the it had shrank.

Oil: Very Rusted but still the same color and texture.


Oil Rusted the most with Water and Salt water behind.


Oil rusted the most compared to the rest of the experiment.



Maths Mate term 1 sheet 2 Question 22

Predict: I predict that this question will be about measurement.

Read: For hurdles races, the hurdles are placed 10 meters apart. For example, a 60 meter race has 5 hurdles. How many hurdles are required for a 100 meter race?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

Big question: The big question is How many hurdles are needed for a 100 meter race.

Mathematician’s toolbox: The strategy I used to solve this problem was to make a diagram or graph.

Solve. First, I made a picture of the 60 meter race.


10 meters at the start and then 10 meters at the end. Five hurdles. Then I did the same model, but with 100 meters.


There where 9 hurdles, so the answer to the problem is 9.

Summary: This question was pretty simple to solve once I had drawn a diagram of the hurdles race layout.

My Job Teacher Job

My Job:

To be engaged in our work and discussions

To listen to the teacher instructions

to get here before 8:50 am

to respect your teacher and your friends

Teacher Job:

Teach things

to be here early to prepare work

to care about the students and help them

to respect everyone

to get the students out I.C.E


Dear Liz,

Dear Liz,

I write to you to ask if I maybe in your class of 2014. I will bring the following qualities, helpfulness to help people that need it and I will also bring bravery to push myself to my limits, organization to keep myself on top of my work.


My favourite subject is English, I fancy Maths a bit, but I don’t really like Italian. I have run 2 assembly’s and helped with the yr. 5’s netbook presentation at the end of last year. I always find time to do my homework. I like to do after school activities, and have been in the school hockey team since it was made! I really wish you will accept this letter and allow you to join your class of 2014!


Yours sincerely