Orientation Day

It was the 9th of December when I arrived at Coburg Junior High School with James. After getting my name and class that I was in for the day I went and sat down while the principal told us about the day ahead. I was in the delta group. We started by doing Bingo then moved onto some getting to know you games.  Next we did some Orienteering where we had to navigate the school and come up with a word, the word in the end was Investigating.

Then it was recess, after recess we did Science. In science class I made Slime, it was so slimy and disgusting. Next I had Geography, we had to put a sticky note on a place where we had been. When I did my own  for Hawaii it wasn’t even on the map.  After that I had maths where the block master had made perfect squares and rectangles, but the block destroyer had destroyed them. So we had to rebuild them, We couldn’t rebuild the square but we could build the rectangle.  Next it was Lunch time.

After Lunch I had English we made list poems with things like “10 things your teacher would never say” I did things like “Lets have Pizza”, “Bring your Phone” and  “You can go Home It was really fun and I enjoyed it. Next I had PE we did lots of things like skipping, Modified Push-Ups, Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket, Squats and Throwing a tennis ball at a target. I did Throwing a tennis ball at a target, Squats, Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket and Modified Push-Ups. I did 64 squats and 41 push-ups, I failed badly at the bouncing a ball on a tennis racket. Once the bell went I went to the main office to collect my mac book air. It took forever to get it and when I finally got it they had to take a picture of me with it as proof that I received it. When I got home I set it up and played on it for a while. It was a great experience and I cant wait for next year.


I couldn’t believe it when we arrived at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) it was so big. When we got there we had a guided tour of the Gymnasium,Weights Room, Volleyball Courts and Swimming pool, we learnt so much about famous Athletes and Players and Coaches.We went to Sportex and tried lots of different simulated things like, Jump height,Rowing, Wheel Chair Basketball and skiing. It was hard but really good fun. After That we had time to play 3 games out of 4, I got to play Hockey, Sock Wrestling and Dodge ball. Dodge ball was my favorite because I only got out once. The AIS was so much fun. If i go back to Canberra again I’m defiantly going back to the AIS.

Literacy Circles Reflection

Name of Book: What do you think Feezal?

Author: Elizabeth Honey

Year Published: 1997

Group Members:

Angus B – Connector -Warrick

Lilli B-Passage Master-Interviewer

Sam-Discussion Director-Mr Fogglight

Daphne-No Role-Emma Feezal

Mia-Tally Master- Bean

Julian-Captain of Comprehension- Waxmon

Yasmin-Word Watcher-Dido

What worked well:  I think our roles work well and everyone did their roles well and cooperatively.

Considerations for the future:  I think in future we should keep everything the same with the roles and I really enjoyed the book.


Plus:  Podcasting is good because its really easy to give everyone a chance to speak.

Minus: My group accidentally deleted our podcast so we had to redo it which was a big minus.

Interesting: There are lots of cool things to do to your podcast. Like podcast.



Extreme Weather Reflection

Research Methods: The research methods that we used were using our Prior knowledge and using the internet to find useful websites.

Note Taking: During the course of this project I didn’t take many notes but all the answers for the questions I wrote down in One Note.

How you worked with your partner: I think Mia and I worked well together and we spread the work load evenly.

Form of presentation: Originally we were going to do a blog but it turned out that we did it incorrectly. So we decided to do a Power Point.

Honest account of the actual amount of work you completed: We completed all the questions, Power Point and I completed my Que Cards.

Anything that you would change: I would probably change the fact that we did a blog because in the end it was a huge waste of time. I wouldn’t change anything else though.



Packing Pallets Lab report

Aim: To observe what happens when you introduce packing pallets and cold water.

Materials: 1 100 ml beaker, 40 ml of cold tap water, 1 packing pallets

Method: We filled the beaker with 40 ml’s of Cold tap water. We then placed the pallets into water. We observed for 20 minutes. At the start the packing pallets where floating, now they are submerged 1 cm under water, they then broke into 5 separate pieces.

Results: How long did it take for the Pallets to submerge and break up= 20 minutes

How far did the pallets submerge= 1 cm

Discussion: They submerged because the water pressure was pushing them down and pulling them apart. It might have taken less time if we used hot water?

Conclusion: It takes 20 minutes for packing pallets to submerge and dived up in water.

David R. Ashbaugh Project Reflection

#3 Facts

I learnt that David Ashbaugh was born in 11 March 1946. I also learnt  he worked for more than thirty years at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force.  Also during his career, he helped solve more than 30 crimes.

2 understandings

I now understand that people that aren’t that popular but do amazing things can get so far in life.  I also understand that people do great things for the world that we don’t find out about.


1 wondering

I am left wondering why did this man become a Canadian Mounted Police Officer, I know that he was but why did he wont to he could have been anything, like  a dentist, medic, Pop Star etc. He could have been anything Why join the Canadian Mounted Police Force?

Term 3 Project Reflection on Sir Douglas Mawson

I did my term 3 project on Sir Douglas Mawson, who is a Artic explorer and geologist. The aim of the project was to set questions at the start then answer them. We answered our questions and did a little (ok a lot) more. This is  refection about what I learned and what I now know.

Three facts I found interesting and surprising are that Douglas Mawson discovered so much from such a short time he was in Antarctica. I was also interested in his journeys and his life before he became an explorer and explored the Artic. I think it was surprising how the plane engine failed and they made it into a Artic tractor.


Two understandings I now have are that it’s not a good idea to eat husky’s because they give you vitamin A, which is poisonous. I all so understand that when traveling on sleds it’s not a good idea to put your food all on one sled because other whys if for example that sled falls into a canyon all your food is gone and then you have to eat you husky’s which gives you vitamin A which kills you.


One wondering I still have is I still wonder some facts like did Mertz die straight away when he fell or did he live a while then catch hypothermia and die (gets really cold and dies) or escape the deep canyon. I wonder I wonder… or he might of just died.


What were the most important things I learnt? That he survived the Artic, and how the lands used to be and that there would be 402,000 less websites if he didn’t exist.


How did I learn it? I started by searching up Sir Douglas Mawson in the search bar and found a site (that wasn’t Wikipedia) it gave me a site called ABC Douglas Mawson he gave me heaps of information because I read the whole site. The site gave me more information than Wikipedia did.



What am I going to do with what I have learnt? I am going to carry my information with me because I never know it might come in handy one day, like in a test or random quiz or if I own a TV game show I could ask a question about Sir Douglas Mawson. I could also teach information about Douglas Mawson to others.


To conclude everything I think my project went well and working with my partner was good to and we did a great job!

Term 2 project Reflection on My Body, My Life

The Research skills I learnt are to copy links into a word document, because then if I need to go back to the site I can just copy the link and  go back to the site. I also learnt about a site called Wikipedia,  I have never used it before and it’s a great site. The last one is Queue cards they really help to remember things.

I think I can try and do more work in  a group because my group did more work then me because I did one thing and they did two things.

I want to get more work done in future group projects. I mainly didn’t get work done because I was on holidays.