Orientation Day

It was the 9th of December when I arrived at Coburg Junior High School with James. After getting my name and class that I was in for the day I went and sat down while the principal told us about the day ahead. I was in the delta group. We started by doing Bingo then moved onto some getting to know you games.  Next we did some Orienteering where we had to navigate the school and come up with a word, the word in the end was Investigating.

Then it was recess, after recess we did Science. In science class I made Slime, it was so slimy and disgusting. Next I had Geography, we had to put a sticky note on a place where we had been. When I did my own  for Hawaii it wasn’t even on the map.  After that I had maths where the block master had made perfect squares and rectangles, but the block destroyer had destroyed them. So we had to rebuild them, We couldn’t rebuild the square but we could build the rectangle.  Next it was Lunch time.

After Lunch I had English we made list poems with things like “10 things your teacher would never say” I did things like “Lets have Pizza”, “Bring your Phone” and  “You can go Home It was really fun and I enjoyed it. Next I had PE we did lots of things like skipping, Modified Push-Ups, Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket, Squats and Throwing a tennis ball at a target. I did Throwing a tennis ball at a target, Squats, Bouncing a tennis ball on a racket and Modified Push-Ups. I did 64 squats and 41 push-ups, I failed badly at the bouncing a ball on a tennis racket. Once the bell went I went to the main office to collect my mac book air. It took forever to get it and when I finally got it they had to take a picture of me with it as proof that I received it. When I got home I set it up and played on it for a while. It was a great experience and I cant wait for next year.


I couldn’t believe it when we arrived at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) it was so big. When we got there we had a guided tour of the Gymnasium,Weights Room, Volleyball Courts and Swimming pool, we learnt so much about famous Athletes and Players and Coaches.We went to Sportex and tried lots of different simulated things like, Jump height,Rowing, Wheel Chair Basketball and skiing. It was hard but really good fun. After That we had time to play 3 games out of 4, I got to play Hockey, Sock Wrestling and Dodge ball. Dodge ball was my favorite because I only got out once. The AIS was so much fun. If i go back to Canberra again I’m defiantly going back to the AIS.

Battle for Australia Recount

On Wednesday the 3rd of September 2014, all the 5/6’s piled onto the 2 coaches to head to the shrine of remembrance. Once we were on the bus we started the not so long journey to the shrine.

Once we were there we were seated  and the great speech’s started. We were reminded that we were gathered here today to remember and to learn about the Battle for Australia. We listened to a song by the choir it was  the song “Be Still My Soul”. It was quickly followed by some Speech’s presented from Yr 7,8,9,10 and 11 students. I sang to the words of “I am Australian” Which is when I was filmed by channel 9 news. I think the best thing in the ceremony was the Jet fly over which was amazing. I think the Shrine of Remembrance was Amazing to see and I would go back and see it again.

David R. Ashbaugh Project Reflection

#3 Facts

I learnt that David Ashbaugh was born in 11 March 1946. I also learnt  he worked for more than thirty years at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force.  Also during his career, he helped solve more than 30 crimes.

2 understandings

I now understand that people that aren’t that popular but do amazing things can get so far in life.  I also understand that people do great things for the world that we don’t find out about.


1 wondering

I am left wondering why did this man become a Canadian Mounted Police Officer, I know that he was but why did he wont to he could have been anything, like  a dentist, medic, Pop Star etc. He could have been anything Why join the Canadian Mounted Police Force?

Camp 5 senses Daily Dash

“Ahhhh.” as I breath in my last breath of the Melbourne air before getting on the bus to go to camp! I gave Bonnie one last pat while she tries to lick me through the fence. I can feel her soft fur and taste her disgusting dirt tasting mouth. I feel so happy yet sad to be finally going on camp. I see all the excited face’s around me and smile for two reasons, 1. I am happy, 2. Bonnie has got her head stuck in the fence and is licking my leg and it is tickling. I was standing with Tom and Dec waiting to get on the bus. Lee boards the bus and says ” line up”. I try to push to the front of the line so I can get the first or second row seats. I get second in line after Dec and before Gavan. I ask Dec if he wants to sit next to me, he says ” Sorry Angus but I am sitting with Tom.” So I turn and ask Gavan he says “Ok!” We board the bus and I get second row behind Dec and Tom. I ask myself “Could this get any better?”




Name: Could the is be any better?

Comment me what you think could make this any better, I will choose the best 3 and I will put you in a story! entry’s close 25/12/13! good luck

swimming recount

it Is hot and the school is walking  to the queens park swimming pool for our school swimming sports I’m in 50m year 5 freestyle and 50m freestyle relay and 50m year6 backstroke. I hope I can win some events.


When we get to was my turn the pool to the pool we sat in our houses I sat next to Dec.

Then I went freestyle . When it was my turn I stood on the diving platform jess said “on your marks get set go!” I dived in and swam for my life I had came fourth. Next Declan  came and asked if he could do my next race I said yes. Then it was time for backstroke this was my last race we went back to school I wen to the stating pose then On your marks ,get set ,GO!

I swam and swam and swam till I hit the end of the pool. YAY! I had came second. Then we had to pack up and head back to school.