Rusting Prac Report

Aim: To prevent rust as simply as possible.


55 grams of Salt

55 grams of Pepper

5 500ml’s beakers

300ml’s of Tap water

2 pairs of tweezers

41 Aluminium Turnings


1.fill 2 beakers with 150ml’s of Tap water.

2. put 100ml’s of Vinegar into Tap water.

3.put 55 grams of Salt into one beaker and 55 grams of Pepper into another.

4. Put 20 aluminium turnings into the beaker of  tap water and vinegar and 20 aluminium turnings into the other.

5. Take out turnings with tweezers and put 20 turnings into Salt beaker and 20 into Pepper.

6. Leave for 1 day and check on every 15mins.

Hypothesis: I predict I will prevent rust a tiny bit but not fully.

Results: Not one of the turnings rusted.


Salt: Changed colour slightly no rust

Pepper: No rust

Graph: Capture




This graph shows how much rust there is on the turnings.

Conclusion: After 3 hours of waiting not one of the 40 aluminium turnings rusted. Which means we successfully prevented rust.