Dear Minister of Transport

Dear Minister of Transport,


My name is Angus and I am writing to you today to say that we don’t need the East Link tunnel! Here are 3 reasons.

Reason one, it will affect elephants. I’m not talking about elephants in Africa I’m talking about in the zoo! According to your plans for the east link tunnel it will go under the elephant enclosure and most people know that elephants are sound and movement sensitive. It will likely do these two things to the elephants 1. Drive them crazy and you have to move them to a new zoo! 2. They die! I will now show you my second argument.


Reason two it will affect homes and people’s lives! Imagine you living with a tunnel under your home, all the noise, and when you’re constructing it will be even louder! It will also change lives by knowing that one day a car could hit a pipe or someone could pull a lever in the tunnel and your house could explode! Would you like that?


My third and final reason is it could possibly collapse, that would kill hundreds of driver plus people in houses destroying millions of dollars right in front of you! It could also happen while you’re working it will kill hundreds of workers! It would also then collapse the zoo killing the Elephants! That would mean major money wasting trying to rebuild most of the zoo re-capturing all the escaped animals, hospital bills, fixing the tunnel, houses re-built, this means lots of money will be spent on rebuilding not building better things!

In conclusions please do not build the east link tunnel it can kill hundreds if not thousands of lives plus the Elephants! So I am warning you now do not build the East Link Tunnel!

Yours Sincerely


BTN Growing apples maybe more hi-tech than you realise!

Recall: In this article, I remember 1. Technology is more advanced now, so growing apples is easier! 2. They use some bad apples for Apple Juice 3. The apples go though heaps of stages, before they are packed and sent to supermarket’s!

Insights: 1. I understand why some apples go though machines, so the apples bad apples can be found and picked out! 2. I can understand how hard it used to be picking hundreds of apples of hundreds of trees!

Question: When did they come up with the new way of choosing the good and bad apples?