The Worst Game

Do you ever get over excited? I do as I over confidently race of to play my hockey game! I am extremely sure that my team will win!

As i arrive at the hockey pitch with minutes to spare before the game, I grab my stick and race off onto the pitch, we do some laps of the pitch and some fast passing when the whistle blows for the game to begin.

5 minutes into the game and where losing 2-0. My coach has placed me left inner which is my WORST place I can play. 10 minutes have gone and where losing 10-0. Suddenly someone slaps the ball up near the goals and I sprint as fast as I can until, SNAP!

I’m lying on the ground with a twisted ankle, I hobble onto the sideline, and curse the creatures of hockey for making it play on when someone gets hurt! I also curse the person that invented the twisted ankleI watch from the sideline as the whistle goes for half time where losing by 21 points! the Score is 21-0!

The game restarts, Suddenly a player from the other teams hits someone from our team over the head with there stick. 20 minutes later where losing 31-o! It 1 minute to go someone from our team gets the ball the run up into the Dee the goal keeper runs at them and slide tackles!

The whistle goes we lost 31-0. after the game our coach gives up a speech “Blah Blah, Run hard, Blah Blah” It wasn’t listening a fly was trying and failing to land on his head!

Do you ever get over excited? I did and now I hobble home after the worst hockey game EVER!


The Little Princess

There once was a little Princess who never laughed. One day the King died and the castle hired a grave digger. The Grave digger had a pet dog called Spot, one day when The Grave Digger was digging the King’s grave, spot fell into the grave ,and the little princess was watching ,and giggled. The Queen looked at her, then at the dog, then back towards the Princess. The Little Princess burst out laughing, and fell on the floor banging her hands on the ground, like a baby crying but laughing. The Queen was so shocked she fainted.  The grave digger looked up and said “what’s so funny?” The Little Princess managed to say “your dog fell into that grave, hahahaha, look at it, hahahaha.” The Princess finally calmed down, she called for help, and some palace guards took the Queen to the infirmary. A week later the grave digger was sent to the Queens private quarters.

He was told that he could stay in the castle, and have the best room, to keep the princess entertained, he wanted to say no but he knew he loved the princess, but he need to go home and look after his farm. He finally came to a decision. He would stay in the castle and have castle servants look after his farm. He stayed in the castle and lived happily ever after with the Princess.

Sea Death

I was swimming for my life, but the current was to strong I new it, My dads birthday and I have stolen a deep dive pod or D.D.P for short and I crashed It at the bottom of the ocean. I hear a something outside its Kimon my robot dolphin. I know if water gets over my belly button I die and If I go outside I drown. I choose drown, so I swing the hatch open and whoosh! Water comes racing in a swim for my life.

I see another pod my lungs are bursting and its my dad and brothers pod, they open the air lock and I scramble in side the pod. When I am inside the pod I see my whole family my dad says.

“You are grounded for 7 years!!!” He says

I say “NOOOOO please NOOOOO!!!!!” I scream

But that only makes it worse he says

“15 years!!!”

So I grab a hammer and smash the glass on the front scream that causes the pod to start sinking and water is getting in fast. My dad grabs me and ties me up with some rope and lets ,me drown. Will my family get some diving gear on my mum puts a diving mask on me so I will survive. Once we are on the surface my dad grabs a harpoon gun and stabs me in the back. I start sinking and seeing white in the corners of my eyes and then I feel me moving up and I am on the surface again Kimon helped me  up but I am dyeing from too much blood lose and 10 minutes later I die. I was 9 years old and my name was  Harrison Gillson I had a bad life with my mean dad.

100 WC week 8

Yesterday I found a book called Grandparents are important because…  I havent read it yet because I havent had time to read it. One day I went in to the attic to read it. But a giant killer python tryed to eat me but I just hit it on the head with a frying pan. When I got to read it. I found out why found why Grandparents are inportant because when they come they give you presents. Then I remeberd  grandma and grandpa are coming down. YAY! That means more presents for me. Wait there coming today.  YAY YES!