When i got home the kitchen was a mess.i’d left the dog inside all day.


It was like an earthquake had hit.

The rubbish bin was tipped over.

She was in the cuboard.

What would mum say if she saw this.

He is waffling down bisscuts.

What an idiot i am to leave him in all day.

I think i stepped in poo!

His coverd in melted ice-poles.

He has aten all the burgers for tonight.

The rooms like a war ground.

He at my lolly Death Star,to death.

The fridge door has fallen of.

Oh No mums home.

He has seen mums cake.

The kitchen is a gold mine for rats.

wheres Elfy his cage door is open.


When I got home the kitchen was  messy, it was  like an earthquake had hit. Where is Elfy? His cage door is open. WAIT! I’d left the dog inside all day. What an idiot I am. His in the cupboard. Mums gonna kill me. I wonder what she thinks. He has eaten all the burgers for tonight. He has seen Mums cake. NO! He ate it to Death like a toy animal. Mums home. OH  OH.