Packing Pallets Lab report

Aim: To observe what happens when you introduce packing pallets and cold water.

Materials: 1 100 ml beaker, 40 ml of cold tap water, 1 packing pallets

Method: We filled the beaker with 40 ml’s of Cold tap water. We then placed the pallets into water. We observed for 20 minutes. At the start the packing pallets where floating, now they are submerged 1 cm under water, they then broke into 5 separate pieces.

Results: How long did it take for the Pallets to submerge and break up= 20 minutes

How far did the pallets submerge= 1 cm

Discussion: They submerged because the water pressure was pushing them down and pulling them apart. It might have taken less time if we used hot water?

Conclusion: It takes 20 minutes for packing pallets to submerge and dived up in water.

Letter to Liz

Dear Liz,


I am Angus. I like to blog and use computers, my favourite game is Minecraft. I

have a fat lop eared rabbit called Elfy, he sometimes sleeps with me.


On the holidays I attempted  to climb Mount Kosciuszko the biggest mountain in

Australia, but I was short by 200 metres. I also went bobsledding without ice or

snow and fell off. In the holidays I also went to Chiltern.


I am really exited about having my own  netbook and using it at home and school.


I hope to have a good year.



From Angus