Daily Dash

“The Long weekend is here at last.” The Little boy screamed “Can we go to the new theme park?” he asked his mum. His mum replied with ” Only if you behave yourself now.” They were driving from Mildura to Melbourne.A new theme park has opened called Roller Coaster World, it has the biggest roller coaster in the world. I just couldn’t wait to ride it. So as we drove past it i saw my mums purse next to me, I grabbed the purse undid my seat belt and jumped out the door and onto the road.

I raced across the road to the ticket booth and asked for 1 ticket the lady said” That will be $400 dollars.” I reached into my mums purse and pulled out a gold coin with a 1 on it I thought the coin was worth a million dollars so I grabbed the ticket and said keep the change and before the lady could stop me I ran off into the crowd to board the Roller Coaster.

I slipped on to the roller coaster and when it started a seat belt sign came on, I did what any 5 year old would do I ignored it. When we did a 360 degrees turn I fell out and down onto the ground until someone caught me it was the lady from the ticket booth and she didn’t look happy.

Daily Dash

How could I possibly go on, something was preventing me from going over the ramp. I see all the other race cars ZOOM past me. This is it, I have lost the hardest race in the world, the The Smash races. I finally manage to get over the ramp I see some cars not so far ahead of me. I put my car into 286th gear and ZOOM off. I’ve gone from last to 6th in a matter of seconds. But 6th isn’t good enough for me, I want first!

So I ignite my rocket boosters and ZOOM of once again. The person in first place is faster than me because he has 6 rocket boosters, 200 mini rockets and a flaming Donkey on his car. So what do I do, I put my car into the most dangerous gear ever.300th gear! I ZOOM  fast that my tongue is a meter behind me i’m at the speed of light! Then suddenly my car stops working I’ve ran out of petrol. So I jump out of my car embarrassed and start pushing!

Daily Dash

I’m going to have the best year at school by.. giving it my best effort and I will try and be more helpful and extend my knowledge of maths English and science, ( I  feel my I.C.T knowledge has reached it’s limit.) I will do all my homework first before my school captain things.

Camp 5 senses Daily Dash

“Ahhhh.” as I breath in my last breath of the Melbourne air before getting on the bus to go to camp! I gave Bonnie one last pat while she tries to lick me through the fence. I can feel her soft fur and taste her disgusting dirt tasting mouth. I feel so happy yet sad to be finally going on camp. I see all the excited face’s around me and smile for two reasons, 1. I am happy, 2. Bonnie has got her head stuck in the fence and is licking my leg and it is tickling. I was standing with Tom and Dec waiting to get on the bus. Lee boards the bus and says ” line up”. I try to push to the front of the line so I can get the first or second row seats. I get second in line after Dec and before Gavan. I ask Dec if he wants to sit next to me, he says ” Sorry Angus but I am sitting with Tom.” So I turn and ask Gavan he says “Ok!” We board the bus and I get second row behind Dec and Tom. I ask myself “Could this get any better?”




Name: Could the is be any better?

Comment me what you think could make this any better, I will choose the best 3 and I will put you in a story! entry’s close 25/12/13! good luck

Daily Dash 19/6/13

Winter sports has not been the best thing since sliced bread because its n0t something you would like to do all the time. The best thing is Technology.

But I guess winter sports is pretty good and all but I still think Technology. What would life be with out Technology , no emails or blogs , no nasa and no MINECRAFT!!!! Well I guess no minecraft would be ok but a world with no technology would mean no phones, no batteires , no power and no pools and fans that would be bad on a 42cth no technolgy day

I would hope a world with no technology would never come beacuse if you wanted to go to sydney and you lived in melbourne you would have no cars and you would have to walk and that would take forever!

I hope I have persuded you to think that technology is better than winter sports other wise you wont be seeing this post


Daily Dash

Sometimes the writing process , can be dull but sometimes you can make its exiting. If you have to do a poem you could do it about a pet you have or something you like doing or maybe a TV show you watch. Writing may seem dull and boring but its only because you think its dull and boring. So try writing something new or different. I hope I can become a author one day , like my favourite author Adam Blade!!! The best author ever! So try and challenge your self with lots of writing in the future.

The longest day of the year!

The longest day of the year is the last day of school because it feels like it goes for ever and ever. It is exiting and boring at the same time because it feels like it goes for ever. I think days that are boring are longset days because you sit there and the world feels like  its going at a snails pace. Other long days last forever. I also think weekends and sleepovers last forever because you have so much fun you never want it to end.