BTN: Bloopers

In this video, there are lots of funny out  takes that have happened during this series of BTN. Usually, the bloopers are funny and weren’t meant to happen. Some other videos that I have watched have the bloopers at the end, and they are entertaining. The bloopers in this video mainly included people forgetting their lines, messing up or laughing mid sentence.

I think that there won’t be any more episodes from BTN because usually you leave the bloopers till last. I understand that because there is also a quiz that it called the super quiz, that will test what you have learnt over the year from BTN.

One question I still have is: what are the answers to the quiz?

BTN: Future Caeeres

Life might be different for kids in the future, like them being better educated in their lifetime. Other things include bigger debts to banks. A surprising statistic is that most kids will have more than 13 different jobs in their lives! In the past, most people only had one job. People will have lots of skills in the future if this happens.

I understand why they might change jobs. It could be because people find it easier to study and want challenges, or it could be because of technology doing jobs for people. More jobs are going to move around the world, and I understand this is happening because people find it easier to work in other places.

One question I still have is will people still be able to stay in one job for the rest of their lives.


Some kids have been going to a program where they learn the basics of making a computer game. They learn how to make a plot, characters and story. Then they take this knowledge and put it together to make a simple and easy to make a platform game. This is a 2D game where the character has to reach a goal.

I understand that lots of work is put into making a good video game that we just take for granted. One thing I don’t understand is why they say that making the game is a fun as playing it. I don’t think that’s true.

One question I still have is it it as easy as it looked to make the games in the video?

BTN: Flag day

The Australian National flag was raised on the 3rd of September 1901. The Australian flag was designed when Australia came a nation. There was a competition to design one, and the one we fly now is the one that won. The Australian flags represents British settlement, the Southern Cross and the states and territories of Australia. This is probably why it won.

I understand that if Scotland were to change its flag, then Australia would too, because Scotland is part of the Union Jack. I understand why people want to change the flag so that it represents the original owners of the land. It is because they are a big part of Australian history.

One question I still have is why Scotland wants to become and independent country.

BTN Living on The Moon


People have been asking and wondering what it would be like to live on the moon. In 1969, men first arrived on the moon. Since then, people are thinking if they could inhabit it.  It takes a lot of fuel to get there, and if you take building material that weighs 1kg it will cost $25,000!

Something under the moon’s surface is used in tablets, phones and technology. I understand this is one of the reasons that they want to go there. If you want to settle on the moon, you have to get materials from the moon. I understand that if you mix moon dust and sulphur, then you get bricks, and even thought it is looking hard to inhabit the moon, they might eventually do it.

One question I still have is when will people inhabit the moon and if they will actually decide to.

BTN Bees

People are scared of bees, but bees are actually being threatened themselves. Bees don’t hurt people unless people hurt them. When looking at bees, you should put on a special suit just to be safe. Honey is a product that bees make, and people like that.

When bees get nectar, they also get pollen stuck on them, and then they spread it to other plants. This is good, because it helps plants make more fruit and flowers. One of the things that is affecting bees is the Varroa mite. It wipes out bees in other countries, but it isn’t in Australia yet. I understand why it would be very bad if it came here. It would wipe out the bee population quickly.

One question is why are bees so important to civilization.

BTN BMX Champion

A famous BMX champion has come home to Australia to help kids with bikes. He is here to encourage them to ride. There is a program called the happiness cycle, where kids get help to make there own bike. Firstly, kids learn about safety and then assemble it.

I understand why people want to encourage others to ride. It is because it is a fun and healthy way to get around. I understand why making a bike is hard. It is because you have to make it good so that you don’t fall of or it breaks apart whilst riding it.

One question is why would he come to Australia not any other country?

BTN 100 years of war

This week, it has been 100 years since Australia started to get involved in World War 1. It had a big impact on the world and lots of countries, and lots of Australians volunteered their help for their country. The war first started when Austria and Serbia declared war on each other. Other countries sided, making two teams, the Allies and Central Powers. Australia, since its involvement, had sided with the Allies, including other countries like Great Britain. A lot of people lied about their age so that they could help.

I understand why Australia sided with the Allies. It was because Australia was still part of the British empire at the time. I understand that the leaders of the countries decided to come together and stop the war. It was so that no more people would get injured, because millions had already died.

A question that I still have is why people didn’t decide to stop the war earlier, or why they had to start it in the first place.

BTN: Brussel Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a hated vegetable in many countries. Lots of kid’s don’t like them. Brussels sprouts have sulphur in them, and that means that when people eat them, a bad smell comes out. Brussels sprouts take 3 months to grow. They need to be watered a lot. They are then washed and harvested, and then sold. People say that over boiling is the problem, because then they taste like cabbage. They have Vitamin C, Vitamin a, Vitamin b, Vitamin k, magnesium, iron and fibre. They are very healthy, and people say that you should give them another go.


In the Flinders rangers, quolls disappeared a few centuries ago. Some scientist have been kind enough to breed then return them to their home. The quolls from WA are being sent out to the wild so that they can return to a habitat that was once there. After being sent over, the quolls are greeted by the people of the Flinders rangers. The quolls are having trouble with predators, but the team is letting some of them, mainly females back into the wild. The scientist put tracking chips on the quolls so that they can monitor their process. Some of the biggest problems are cats. They sometimes eat the quolls, so in order to stop that the team have been watching them around were the quolls went.