book report

I read a book called Mascot Madness by Andy Griffiths.

It is a funny book about a boy and his class competing in a inter school athletics competition. They haven ‘t won in 45 years but their school doesn’t have a mascot so their teacher Mr. Brainfright makes their mascot into a banana. He asks who wants to be the mascot and nobody volunteers, so he ends up doing the job.

The best bit for me was when they started saying “B.A.N.A.N.A, lets go bananas” it was random and funny, they said it 6 times in a row. I found this book brilliant and a good page-turner, I kept wanting to keep on reading it. The main character is always up to mischief and the book has a big surprise at the end.

I recommend this book for all 7 to 11 year olds who like comedy. If you like Diary of a Wimpy kid you will like this because it is funny and random like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.