The Indian adventures of Angus and Bonnie #1

It was a warm morning in  Eagle Gorge as Angus woke up in his small home in the mountain side. It had been 10 years since he had gone to the Under World. Angus stood up and walked outside, Bonnie was lying out there with a butterfly on her nose. As Angus stepped out from the door, Bonnie jumped up and walked  over to him. Lying next to the door was a rock with the words “The Daily Rock” on it had a headline reading ” a giant tiger has been spotted near The village if any persons see or make contact with the wild beast please contact the hunters asap.” Angus thought it was weird that a Giant Tiger was in Eagle Gorge because there usually found in the Indian part of the world. The world is divided into lots of separate parts there is The Western,The  Indian, The Aussie and the Scottish. Angus has always wanted to go around the globe because he had only been in the Western part of the world. He decided to go to the Indian world. It took several months to venture to the Indian world. When they arrived they bought horses and rode to the kings castle, Castle Da fluffy, it was a huge glass and emerald stone castle with four huge towers reaching for the sky. But what lay inside was completely a mystery for Angus. They walked though the doors during a crowning of a new King it was then when Angus walked up to the future king and got crowned himself. Bonnie barked Angus laughed and the ceremony started. Angus found out that night that the Giant Tigers had been coming from the Aussie part of the world and in that part a man called Mr.Pig was developing a thing called electricity and had weapons of iron that could kill you in one shot. This was the start of a great war which if Angus had said he would be part of He would still be alive.


Epilogue:5 years from the present day in the story. A man is wandering across the Scorched lands of the Aussie lands after a battle. He falls to the ground and the last thing to come to his mind was, why didn’t I stay in Eagle Gorge?